Hello and Welcome to JakesDiaries were I post every Wednesday (well I try at least) about anything that’s on my mind, along with the occasional mini-series which I think could benefit you guys or myself. If your a returning reader you basically know the basics of this blog, but if your a new reader, down below I’ve listed a few common questions I frequently get asked about my blog, so make sure to give that a read before continuing just to make your experience here a little smoother. Anyways I hope you enjoy your time here and if you have any questions about my blog or my blog posts either leave a comment on one of my posts or continue reading to find where you are able to find all my contact information. Thanks For Reading!!!

A Few Common Questions:

How Do I Navigate Around This Blog??
This blog is really easy to navigate around once you know where everything is but it’s different on every device, if your on a PC or Laptop it’s really easy Above you have all my Social Media, so while your looking go and give me a follow why don’t you to help a brother out… Right Below That you have the Main Menu, on the Left you have the Home Button, this button brings you directly back to this page your reading. In the Middle you have an About This Blog Page, this page is a little page I put together for you readers to go and read to help you guys know some of the backstory on why I started this blog and to you let you know a bit about me, the Author, so go give it a read if you want to. Also Within The Middle you should see a Blog Post Tag (it was meant to say blog posts but I missed out the S and I’ve used it in all my posts so it’s too late now), this takes you to a page that lists all my posts from Newest-Oldest for your reading pleasure. And lastly on the Left you will see a Contact Me Page, this is a page I put together for you to see all the ways you are able to contact me about any enquires’ you may have. Moving on to the Side Bar, down here you will see a couple extra bits and bobs for you to use, for example at the Top you have an Author Button which allows you to see who posts on the blog (for your information its only me but anyway), Below That you have a Search Bar to search for certain tags, words, ect. Below That you have a Follow Button so you can follow using your Email to get notifications every time I post, and lastly the next two things Below the Follow Button are my Top 5 Blog Posts and My Twitter Feed because I Tweet a lot and I thought why not. For Handheld Users it’s more or less the same the only difference is that the Main Menu is a Drop Down Bar and the Side Bar is directly at the Bottom of the Site but they all follow the same layout with everything being in the same place.

When Do You Upload???
I try to upload Every Wednesday between 1pm-10pm but it all depends on how busy I am with work and life in general basically.

Is There A Theme To Your Posts???
NO. I originally wanted this blog to be a personal online diary but I realised early on that wasn’t what I wanted to do. Now I just post what ever I feel like posting at the time, although I’m thinking about giving myself some sort of genre to try and keep my posts within just to help my blog have more of a structure but I just haven’t found my calling yet, although I won’t forget to let you guys know when I have.