Blog, Blog Post

Never Really Knowing Who’s Reading…..

I love my blog and I enjoy coming up with new posts to….. well post for you guys to read, but there is apart of me that does kind of hate the fact that I never know who is really reading my blog posts, whether it’s people from diffrent countries, people from my country and so on, but the main part of all this is that I don’t know if people from my school are reading this haha…

You see I’m one of those people who like to keep themselves to themselves at school, yeah I have a laugh with people in my class and my friend group but I have never been the person to intentionally be the class clown or be over dramatic and so on (well in calss) I’m just sort of someone who is there and likes to go in, have a bit of a giggle and work hard, but I also don’t like people to know much about my life especially people I don’t hang out with.

This isn’t going to stop me from posting though because I enjoy every minute of blogging but this is still a part of blogging I don’t necessarily enjoy hahahah……



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