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5 Studying Tips For People Like Me…. (1/5): Make A Schedule ðŸ“’

So this may come as generic idea but making a schedule actually helped me alot last year with making sure I knew what was happening each study day and to also allow me to focus on certain parts of studying without getting all stressed and paranoid.

I’m going to show you how I made my schedule that helped me last year, to hopefully give you some inspiration when it comes to making your own.

So I usually give myself 3 days before each exam to study everything I know Im going to need for the upcoming exams (now you may need longer or less time to study so you just need to tinker the columns when it comes to making your own)

1. Section Into Columns

So I normally give myself 5 columns on my schedule, 1 for the subject, 3 for the studying days and 1 for the Exam Day.

2. Sectioning

I then figure out how many exams I’m am going to be sitting, I have 4 this year so I have decided to section my table into 4, but if you have more just add more columns and sections.

3. Filling It Out

Once I find out which exam is going to be first, I then go ahead and fill out all the boxes with what I am going to be studying on each studying day, all the way to the final exam day.

4. Repeat

And finally I go ahead and I fill out the rest of the schedule, making sure it goes from the 1st exam to last, just to help you keep on track. (Btw forget the horrible writing I was doing this at 2 am)

5. Keep On Track

Now my final schedule tip would be to go ahead and tick/score out/mark what you have already done on your schedules, in a diffrent coloured pen/pencil to help keep yourself on track.

So that’s how I make my schedules, hopefully this was some sort of help to you guys and that it could help you guys make your own. I will have the rest of the tips out this week, so follow my blog to be able to keep up to date.



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