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5 Studying Tips For People Like Me…. (5/5): Stay Calm, Relaxed and Drink Lots of Water ðŸ“’

This last studying tip is one of the most important ones. This tip is to relax and stay calm, I know at this time of year it may be hard for you to relax but you have to remember not to panic your self, as panicking is just going to stress you out even more.

An app that I have been using during my studying time is an app called “CALM”, calm is basically a free meditation app which can be downloaded from the app store, I’ve been using the free meditation sessions before and after studying to help relax my brain to let the information absorbed in quicker.

I have also been drinking alot of water before and after my meditation sessions to help keep my body hydrated which will help you focus better on the topic you have chosen studying.

So that’s it for our “5 Studying Tips For People Like Me” mini series, if you want to see the rest of the studying tips please feel free to click on the category on the drop down menu above.



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