About This Blog

This blog was originally created as a hobby to do over the 2016 Summer Holidays but over the past year this blog has became apart of my life that has basically taken over every thought and idea I have, which is a good thing. So I have decided to write this about page to let you (the viewers) know a little more about me (the writer/blogger) and this blog, so hope you enjoy.

About The Blog

I’m starting of by letting you guys know a little bit more about the type of content and posts this blog is going to consist of, so firstly let’s start of with the main basis of this blog. This blog is going to be some sort of an online diary for me, what I mean by this is my blog is going to mainly consist of things to do with my own personal experiences and things that are happening in my life, good and bad, to allow me to look back on my posts and be able to see how much i have grown from the experiences and to also (hopefully) help one of you guys out there who are going through similar situations and to hopefully show you that your not alone and there is someone who understands, but that’s not all that’s going to be on my blog…. This blog is also going to consist of posts that are going to do with things I enjoy such as TV Shows, Art, Video Games, Beauty Related things and so on, as I would also like to engage you guys in the type of things I enjoy doing in my day to day life and spare time.

About The Person Behind It All

Now it’s time to let you guys know a little more about the brains behind this blog me… so let’s start by letting you guys know that my name is Jake Allan (but you can just call me Jake) and I am a 16 year old school student from Scotland. I basically I enjoy enjoy anything to do with creative shit, such as Art and Design, Cookery, Drama and basically anything else that calls for using your imagination to come up with creative ideas. I would say that I am a fairly laid back guy and I tend to take it how it is, but I also stand up for things I believe in and I also make sure my voice is heard when it comes to things such as homophobia, racism and the general miss treatment of others who are diffrent. I guess this originates for me being bullied through primary school and most of my high school years, as it has basically showed me how to stand up for myself and others who are being picked on for being diffrent and out of the box.

So that’s about it for me and my blog honestly, but you will learn more about me through out my blog posts so I don’t want to spoil anything for you guys hahaha, but hopefully this gave you a little more insight to me and my blog, and hopefully you enjoyed reading this, if you did go ahead and follow this blog for new posts every week, but for now have a great day and I’ll see you guys soon, Bye