About This Blog

So I see you want to know more about my blog, so here it goes. I originally started this blog as something to do when I’m on holiday from school, but it began to become a full time hobby. I use my blog as a way to escape reality and use it as a platform to showcase my creativity and my online voice. I love blogging and its starting to become something I don’t want to end. My Blog, my Podcast, my YouTube, ect. are some of the things I enjoy doing in my free time. The type of posts I upload are… basically anything I want to talk about at the time.

Now enough about my blog for a second, lets talk about the brain behind this whole thing, ( I say brains I mean the guy behind the computer ) me. My names Jake, if you cant tell by the name of my blog, and I’m a 15 year old school student, who enjoys music, art, video-games and anything to do with creativity, ect. So I hope you like my blog and if you have any feed back let me know as every bit of feed back is taken and I appreciate it greatly. Thank you and enjoy.