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Never Really Knowing Who’s Reading…..

I love my blog and I enjoy coming up with new posts to..... well post for you guys to read, but there is apart of me that does kind of hate the fact that I never know who is really reading my blog posts, whether it's people from diffrent countries, people from my country and… Continue reading Never Really Knowing Who’s Reading…..

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Why I’ve Been Distant

Recently I've been quite distant from my blog, and there's a few reasons for this so I thought I would come back and let you guys know what has been going on... So I guess the first thing that has been going on over the last few weeks is prelims, which have taken up alot… Continue reading Why I’ve Been Distant

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Time to Clear Things Up and Come Back Kicking

So I've not uploaded in over a month and the main cause of this is I had a bit of writers block. I was struggling coming up with ideas and I found it hard to think of blog posts I haven't seen before, and that's one of the biggest reason's but, the main reason is… Continue reading Time to Clear Things Up and Come Back Kicking

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What’S New??!

I'm back guys and a lot has happened over the past two weeks, so i thought i would come back and tell you guys all about my little shenanigans. So the two main things that have happened over the last two weeks is... I relaunched my YouTube channel JakeAllanXo YAY.. and I've also launched a… Continue reading What’S New??!

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Taking a Break for a While

Earlier on today I was trying to think of a new blog post idea for this weeks post and I couldn't think of anything until I remembered that I hadn't done a podcast this week and I won't probably do one until Thursday (its Monady right now) so I've decided that I'm not going to… Continue reading Taking a Break for a While