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Making a Difficult Decision đź¤”

Two days ago I made a massive decision, a decision that I have thought about for a few months, and it wasn't an easy one to make. I had to think about the pros and cons of my decision and I had to think about what I was going to do after my decision was… Continue reading Making a Difficult Decision đź¤”

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Countdown To Christmas  (Day 7/7): It Was The Night Before Christmas…âť„

IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE!!! So I live in the UK and it's Christmas Eve and I can't tell you how excited I am for tomorrow.  Christmas is one of my favourite days of the year and I honestly can't wait to celebrate it with my family. I also can't wait to see all their faces when… Continue reading Countdown To Christmas  (Day 7/7): It Was The Night Before Christmas…âť„

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Friendships and Thank You X

In life we all make and lose friend and meet new people and sometimes we connect with people in ways we never thought we could. Meeting new people can feel great and feel like the best thing in the world but... Losing friends can leave a scar no matter how big or small the situation… Continue reading Friendships and Thank You X

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Being A Middle/Oldest Child

If you don't know I'm the middle child in my family but the oldest child in the home due to my brother moving out. So it's my big brother (20) Me (14) my sister (12) Due to me having a little sister even tho I love her she can get really on my nerves every… Continue reading Being A Middle/Oldest Child