Slight Change of Plan

If you read my last post the  you would know that my friends and I have decided to start making a podcast, and we were going to do start it on Friday (which was yesterday in the UK) but as you may be able to tell it didn’t happen, no it wasn’t because we chickened out on doing it but, it was actually because one of my friends and the girl in charge of sound and editing was actually ill, so we’ve decided to push it back to next week so hopefully youse don’t mind but we didn’t want to start without our gurl Emily so bare with well be back up and running next week.

Starting a Podcast

For a couple of weeks me and my friends have been thinking about starting a podcast to give us something to do in our free time, but over the last couple of days we’ve been talking about how were actually going to do it.

So I would like to let you guys know that on Friday we will be uploading our first pod cast to scoundcloud I will have my sound cloud account linked on another post but yeah… I’m so excited 

I’ve been wanting to start podcast ingredients for about a year know and I’m so happy it’s becoming a reality

But hopefully you guys will like it so stay tuned


There comes a time in every ones life where you have to sit yourself down and reflect on things that have happened in your lives.

Last night I went into a bad mental state which put me in a very, very dark place and thankfully I had friends who help me through it, but I did have alot of time to reflect on things that have happend to me throughout the first half of the year.

In away I guess it was a good thing that it happend because I reflected on all the bad things that has happened over the first half of this year, and it made me realise that what’s happend over the course of 5 months may have made me feel shitty ( and sometimes still does ) but it’s made me make a whole new group of friends, it’s made me realise who’s there and who I can count on.

It’s made me reflect on things that have happend further back I  the past and has made me realise, that even thought I played apart in the things that have happend it wasn’t all me and I shouldn’t blame myself and hurt myself emotionally over it, it’s also made me realise that people are cruel and mean. 

I think it was good for me to reflect on things as it was all jammed in my head and even though the impact of the situations haven’t complete left, it’s a start right?? (I think it is)

Killer Moths 

Ever been lying in your bed minding you own business when… BAM!!! a moth or a fly dive bombs you and you go straight into pure assassin mode, scoping your room to find out where it is and grabbing the first thing next to you to protect your self against the fierce beast ( even tho it’s about the size of a pea)??

Yeah me too in fact it happend today hahah… I was just lying in my bed watch The Big Bang Theory when all of a sudden BAM!!! Hello, Helloooo, when I say I’ve never jumped out my bed that fast in my life… I mean it, You know what I did grabbed my deodorant and a shoe and became an assassin…. it took about 2 hours to get rid of the bitch… and I’m still on assassin mode hahahaha

What Is Happening With My Blog…???

My blog started of being about me and my life and was gonna act a bit like an Online Diary but what I’ve came to realise is that, in my opinion it’s hard to keep up with that type of restriction, so I’ve decided to rethink my blog and I have decided that my blog will be a random sort of blog, Yes I’ll still be posting every now and again about my life and about what’s going on with me, this is called JakesDiaries after all but I want to give myself a wider spectrum and make it alot more easier for me to upload. 

So from now on I’ll be uploading things like reviews, advice, tutorials, ect. as I think it will be a lot more easier for me to keep up to date with and also help my upload more.

Hopefully this makes sense to you guys and also me.

Almost My First Exam

On the 2nd May 2017 I will be sitting my one and only high school exam, if I were to say I wasn’t shitting it would be me lying but I can’t say I’m not excited to sit it. Even tho there’s a lot of pressure for me to pass this exam as it’s my only exam, I still feel excited I think it’s plainly to do with it being something new and something I haven’t done before. Yes I’ve sat prelims and tests in class but I’ve never been excited to do them.

I think this also comes with the new me, tbh moving away from my old group of friends and finding a totally new group was the best choice for me. I finally feel like myself ( I’ll up a more detailed post about that later) and I also feel like I’m not pressured into acting a certain way around them.

So my exam is one week away today and I am excited, nervous, scared and all that shit but hopefully it all goes well eh??