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Countdown To Christmas  (Day 2/7) : Deadlines 🎄

Even though Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year, it could also be one of my most hated, and the reason for this is.....DEADLINES!!!  Now for me my course work for my classes tend to all have to be done for Christmas and New Year, so if Christmas wasn't stressful enough how… Continue reading Countdown To Christmas  (Day 2/7) : Deadlines 🎄

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Countdown To Christmas  (Day 1/7) : The Holiday Spirit ❄

One of the reasons why I love the Holiday Season is because of the way everyone is brought together to celebrate the Festive Holidays weather its Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or what ever holiday you celebrate, everyone is brought together and it's also one of the most special and happier times of the year. I personally… Continue reading Countdown To Christmas  (Day 1/7) : The Holiday Spirit ❄

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Countdown To Christmas  (Day 0/7) : Welcome 🎄

Since Christmas is only ONE WEEK away I have decided to do a Countdown to Christmas. So for the next seven days I will be uploading Christmas related tips, tricks and posts to help you get ready for "The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year" So hopefully you follow along and enjoy the next week… Continue reading Countdown To Christmas  (Day 0/7) : Welcome 🎄

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Christmas Gift Wrapping ❄

So with Christmas just around the corner and everyone rushing to find the perfect gifts, we never leave ourselves enough time to relax and wrap our gifts. We're either rushing and half assing the wrapping or we just get the wrapping done just in time for Christmas.  It's one of the most time consuming and… Continue reading Christmas Gift Wrapping ❄

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Christmas Shopping 🎄

So it's that time of the year again where everyone is rushing around, trying to get everyone gifts but if your anything like me your probably that weird person who loves the thrill of going Christmas shopping. See Christmas for me isn't about receiving gifts, but more so about gift giving and letting people know… Continue reading Christmas Shopping 🎄

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Room Renovation Diary : Introduction

Over the next few months I will be redecorating my room, to help give it a more Grown Up look and to give my self a better work environment for my school work, my art and my other various hobbies so I thought why not start an Online Renovation Diary for me to look back… Continue reading Room Renovation Diary : Introduction

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1 Year Anniversary!!!!!

So I have some exciting news for you... if you cant tell by the title of this post it has been one year since I officially started uploading on my blog full time and I am so happy and joyful right now that it has. Over the past year I have overcame so much and… Continue reading 1 Year Anniversary!!!!!