Countdown To Christmas  (Day 0/7) : Welcome 🎄

Since Christmas is only ONE WEEK away I have decided to do a Countdown to Christmas. So for the next seven days I will be uploading Christmas related tips, tricks and posts to help you get ready for "The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year" So hopefully you follow along and enjoy the next week … Continue reading Countdown To Christmas  (Day 0/7) : Welcome 🎄


Social Anxiety

At some point in ours lives we will experience the fear of social anxiety, for some people its just a little thing and we get over it fairly quickly, for other people it sort of over powers them and makes them so nervous it comes without words. For me I used to be riddled with … Continue reading Social Anxiety

Time to Clear Things Up and Come Back Kicking

So I've not uploaded in over a month and the main cause of this is I had a bit of writers block. I was struggling coming up with ideas and I found it hard to think of blog posts I haven't seen before, and that's one of the biggest reason's but, the main reason is … Continue reading Time to Clear Things Up and Come Back Kicking

Sims 4 and Teen Wolf

Over the past few weeks I have legit done nothing bar, play the Sims 4, watch netflix (more specifically Teen Wolf) and listened to Spotify. I've basically became a walking unsocial slug, well I'm mean more than usual and I have to say I've liked having some me time the past few weeks and just … Continue reading Sims 4 and Teen Wolf

Being A Middle/Oldest Child

If you don't know I'm the middle child in my family but the oldest child in the home due to my brother moving out. So it's my big brother (20) Me (14) my sister (12) Due to me having a little sister even tho I love her she can get really on my nerves every … Continue reading Being A Middle/Oldest Child