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Christmas Shopping 🎄

So it's that time of the year again where everyone is rushing around, trying to get everyone gifts but if your anything like me your probably that weird person who loves the thrill of going Christmas shopping. See Christmas for me isn't about receiving gifts, but more so about gift giving and letting people know… Continue reading Christmas Shopping 🎄

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Sims 4 and Teen Wolf

Over the past few weeks I have legit done nothing bar, play the Sims 4, watch netflix (more specifically Teen Wolf) and listened to Spotify. I've basically became a walking unsocial slug, well I'm mean more than usual and I have to say I've liked having some me time the past few weeks and just… Continue reading Sims 4 and Teen Wolf

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What’S New??!

I'm back guys and a lot has happened over the past two weeks, so i thought i would come back and tell you guys all about my little shenanigans. So the two main things that have happened over the last two weeks is... I relaunched my YouTube channel JakeAllanXo YAY.. and I've also launched a… Continue reading What’S New??!

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Taking a Break for a While

Earlier on today I was trying to think of a new blog post idea for this weeks post and I couldn't think of anything until I remembered that I hadn't done a podcast this week and I won't probably do one until Thursday (its Monady right now) so I've decided that I'm not going to… Continue reading Taking a Break for a While

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Almost My First Exam

On the 2nd May 2017 I will be sitting my one and only high school exam, if I were to say I wasn't shitting it would be me lying but I can't say I'm not excited to sit it. Even tho there's a lot of pressure for me to pass this exam as it's my… Continue reading Almost My First Exam

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This Had To Be Done 

Over the last few weeks you may have noticed that I haven't been posting anything at all on my blog, the reason for this is I just didn't feel that my blog was going the way I wanted it to go.You see when I started my blog not that long ago I wanted it to… Continue reading This Had To Be Done