Podcast Is Up And Thank You

Finally… so my friend has finally finished editing the podcast and it is up on sound cloud as we speak, but before I give you a link to the podcast I just want to say thank you to everyone who has supported my blog and my social media over that past months, you guys mean alot to me and you give me something to look forward to every time I upload a post, even though I don’t have a large following the followers I do have give me the strength and happiness to do what I do.

This podcast and my personal podcast is opening up and new window to you guys to let me interact with you more and to hopefully make a difference in someone’s life, I hope you enjoy these podcasts and please let me know any feedback back, either on my social media or on my blog thank you guys and I love xx

Personal : JakesPodcast

Group: The Girls + The Gay



If you’ve read any of my blog posts in the last 3 weeks then you may have known that me and my friends were planing on starting a podcast and guess what…. we FINALLY did it….. Yaaaasssss. 

This has been in the works for about a month and a half, and we just haven’t been able to get the whole group together to do the first episode but we were able to do exactly that yesterday. 

In our first episode we basically talk about alot of shit to be honest, and we basically had a normal conversation between us but just in front of a mic. The podcast was about 40-45mins long but by the time my friend edits some parts, it’ll probably be around 30 mins, which is great considering we tried to record it about 90 times.

But I had fun and yes it’ll probably be all over the place but with everything in life, practice makes perfect, and exactly what we need…. practice.

The first episode should be up about Friday, so yeah, we finally got round to doing it.

I hope you guys like it when it’s up and I’ll put a normal post up on Saturday when I do my personal podcast .


Party Time !!!

Tonight my friend Jody and I were invited to a birthday party for my other friend Emily’s Dad, who is turning 50 in a couple days.

Even though I’m in 5th year (10th or 11th Grade in the US) of high school this was the first proper party I had been invited to. 

Yeah not that depressing to be completely honest with you, I’ve never really been the drinking and partying type of teenager, I’m more of a stay at home and face time you type of guy, but it was nice actually be going to a party for once instead of seeing other people having a good time on Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

It was a really fun night and I didn’t get to drunk haha, that was a joke, anyways I only had one alcoholic drink and then had Coca-Cola & Irn Bru the rest of the night, even then it was before we even left for the party so by the time we got there it was worn off anyways hahaha. 

My friends and I basically just sat at our table most of the night, sang along to the songs that we knew and just made the most of it, at some point in the night tho we did go out for a walk around the block to get some fresh air, and about half 11 at night went and got a take away.

I do remember falling up the stairs at one point in the night, not because I was drunk, it was actually because I’m just a clumsy cunt, to put it nicely. 

Overall it was a good night and I’ll probably do it again if I get invited to another party like that.


Slight Change of Plan

If you read my last post the  you would know that my friends and I have decided to start making a podcast, and we were going to do start it on Friday (which was yesterday in the UK) but as you may be able to tell it didn’t happen, no it wasn’t because we chickened out on doing it but, it was actually because one of my friends and the girl in charge of sound and editing was actually ill, so we’ve decided to push it back to next week so hopefully youse don’t mind but we didn’t want to start without our gurl Emily so bare with well be back up and running next week.


There comes a time in every ones life where you have to sit yourself down and reflect on things that have happened in your lives.

Last night I went into a bad mental state which put me in a very, very dark place and thankfully I had friends who help me through it, but I did have alot of time to reflect on things that have happend to me throughout the first half of the year.

In away I guess it was a good thing that it happend because I reflected on all the bad things that has happened over the first half of this year, and it made me realise that what’s happend over the course of 5 months may have made me feel shitty ( and sometimes still does ) but it’s made me make a whole new group of friends, it’s made me realise who’s there and who I can count on.

It’s made me reflect on things that have happend further back I  the past and has made me realise, that even thought I played apart in the things that have happend it wasn’t all me and I shouldn’t blame myself and hurt myself emotionally over it, it’s also made me realise that people are cruel and mean. 

I think it was good for me to reflect on things as it was all jammed in my head and even though the impact of the situations haven’t complete left, it’s a start right?? (I think it is)

Life Update 

So recently i haven’t even looked at my blog and the reason for this is…. Life has basically given me a kick up the arse. Over the last month I have had to deal with my friends turning their back on me and also being used and fucked about by a guy I would do anything for, so for all my readers im sorry for this but I had to take time to deal with alot of shit but I’m back and hopefully it stays that way.

My blog is the one thing that gives me some happiness in this fucked up life of mine and yes life will throw things at me but if I continue to stay strong and keep my head held high I know I can get throw them. 

That goes for anyone reading this going through a rough patch, aslong as you stay strong even though its hard, trust me I know , you will get through it because after all the pain and misery their will be some sort of happiness waiting for you. X

Friendships and Thank You X

In life we all make and lose friend and meet new people and sometimes we connect with people in ways we never thought we could.

Meeting new people can feel great and feel like the best thing in the world but… Losing friends can leave a scar no matter how big or small the situation was to make you and your friend depart into you separate lives.

This week I have lost a few great friends over something so stupid, but also this week I realised who my real friends are, and I couldn’t thank them enough for being there and have been there from the very start. 

Yes every friendships have their up and downs and you may not talk for weeks or months but the ones that you resolve with are the ones you know are the true friends.

Thank you to the ones who have  been their for me this past year I don’t think I would have made it if it wasn’t for them and I’m not just saying that.

The past few days I hit rock bottom and thought about taking my own life, but my friends Erin, Caitlin and Jennifer made me realise that there’s people who truly care about me, and for this day I’ve decided to focus on the good not the bad and I’m thankful.