What’S New??!

I’m back guys and a lot has happened over the past two weeks, so i thought i would come back and tell you guys all about my little shenanigans. So the two main things that have happened over the last two weeks is… I relaunched my YouTube channel JakeAllanXo YAY.. and I’ve also launched a gaming channel called JakeAllanXoGames and the reason for this was that I love playing video games and I love vlogging and doing chit chat videos and I’ve been thinking about restarting my YouTube channels for a while and I wanted to wait in till the summer holidays to restart them as I’ll be able to put 90% of my time into doing this and not having to worry about homework and everything else that comes with being a school student in today world. So with balancing my Blog, my Podcast and now my two YouTube channels I found it hard to find what I would do for a schedule for when I’m back at school and I’ve decided that Saturdays will be my recording days and my posting days… but that’s when I go back to school but for now since its the summer and I have a lot more time on my hands, I’ll most likely be posting a lot more over the course of the weeks but if not I will most definitely have a everything up on Saturdays. I forgot to mention I have opened up a Twich.Tv account where I will be streaming once a week and that day will most likely be a Monday or a Friday.

So that’s everything guys I am so excited to be tell you guys this, all of this has been in the works for about a month now and I’m so glad I’m finally doing it so that you guys and I want to say thank you to everyone who reads my blog, you guys literally give me the motivation to continue my blog and thank you. You will be getting an extra post on Saturday as ill be starting uploading weekly this week.

Thank You, @JakeXo

Perfect Monday Evening

Hey Its Jake,

One of the best things about having a pizza on a Sunday and having left overs is that you can go to the fridge on a Monday and taking that last piece out after a warm bath and going to your room, putting a movie or your favourite youtube on a having a chilled night eating a slice of pizza and a glass of cola and having no care in the world.

That’s me in about an hour after baths finished running can’t wait.


Xbox LiveĀ 

Hey Its Jake,

So if you have an Xbox or most importantly Xbox Live then you most probably know the feeling off starting a new game and you start to get the hang of it and chose to go on the online mode of the game which mostly ends up with you making a fool of your self and then you start to think oh fuck I’m shit but you keep trying and end up giving up on the game all together that’s me right now haha…

Basically I have this game it’s called Soul Calibur it’s an amazing game…. if you know all the moves and know how to do critical hits if not then your basically stuck with the basic controls and most likely fail in every VS battle you play. That’s me see I’ve been looking for the game for about a year or so ( got lost when my family and I decorated the house ) and when my sister found it in her room she gave it to me and I was so excited I locked her out and started playing hahaha… and I just started to get the hang then in went online and now I’ve given up and Ill probably go back to it in a few months.

I can’t be the only one who does this right …?? 

If no I’ve just told everyone I’m shit on Xbox Live oops.