Party Time !!!

Tonight my friend Jody and I were invited to a birthday party for my other friend Emily’s Dad, who is turning 50 in a couple days.

Even though I’m in 5th year (10th or 11th Grade in the US) of high school this was the first proper party I had been invited to.

Yeah not that depressing to be completely honest with you, I’ve never really been the drinking and partying type of teenager, I’m more of a stay at home and face time you type of guy, but it was nice actually be going to a party for once instead of seeing other people having a good time on Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

It was a really fun night and I didn’t get to drunk haha, that was a joke, anyways I only had one alcoholic drink and then had Coca-Cola & Irn Bru the rest of the night, even then it was before we even left for the party so by the time we got there it was worn off anyways hahaha.

My friends and I basically just sat at our table most of the night, sang along to the songs that we knew and just made the most of it, at some point in the night tho we did go out for a walk around the block to get some fresh air, and about half 11 at night went and got a take away.

I do remember falling up the stairs at one point in the night, not because I was drunk, it was actually because I’m just a clumsy cunt, to put it nicely.

Overall it was a good night and I’ll probably do it again if I get invited to another party like that.



Slight Change of Plan

If you read my last post the you would know that my friends and I have decided to start making a podcast, and we were going to do start it on Friday (which was yesterday in the UK) but as you may be able to tell it didn’t happen, no it wasn’t because we chickened out on doing it but, it was actually because one of my friends and the girl in charge of sound and editing was actually ill, so we’ve decided to push it back to next week so hopefully youse don’t mind but we didn’t want to start without our gurl Emily so bare with well be back up and running next week.


There comes a time in every ones life where you have to sit yourself down and reflect on things that have happened in your lives.

Last night I went into a bad mental state which put me in a very, very dark place and thankfully I had friends who help me through it, but I did have alot of time to reflect on things that have happend to me throughout the first half of the year.

In away I guess it was a good thing that it happend because I reflected on all the bad things that has happened over the first half of this year, and it made me realise that what’s happend over the course of 5 months may have made me feel shitty ( and sometimes still does ) but it’s made me make a whole new group of friends, it’s made me realise who’s there and who I can count on.

It’s made me reflect on things that have happend further back I the past and has made me realise, that even thought I played apart in the things that have happend it wasn’t all me and I shouldn’t blame myself and hurt myself emotionally over it, it’s also made me realise that people are cruel and mean.

I think it was good for me to reflect on things as it was all jammed in my head and even though the impact of the situations haven’t complete left, it’s a start right?? (I think it is)

Killer Moths 

Ever been lying in your bed minding you own business when… BAM!!! a moth or a fly dive bombs you and you go straight into pure assassin mode, scoping your room to find out where it is and grabbing the first thing next to you to protect your self against the fierce beast ( even tho it’s about the size of a pea)??

Yeah me too in fact it happend today hahah… I was just lying in my bed watch The Big Bang Theory when all of a sudden BAM!!! Hello, Helloooo, when I say I’ve never jumped out my bed that fast in my life… I mean it, You know what I did grabbed my deodorant and a shoe and became an assassin…. it took about 2 hours to get rid of the bitch… and I’m still on assassin mode hahahaha

Almost My First Exam

On the 2nd May 2017 I will be sitting my one and only high school exam, if I were to say I wasn’t shitting it would be me lying but I can’t say I’m not excited to sit it. Even tho there’s a lot of pressure for me to pass this exam as it’s my only exam, I still feel excited I think it’s plainly to do with it being something new and something I haven’t done before. Yes I’ve sat prelims and tests in class but I’ve never been excited to do them.

I think this also comes with the new me, tbh moving away from my old group of friends and finding a totally new group was the best choice for me. I finally feel like myself ( I’ll up a more detailed post about that later) and I also feel like I’m not pressured into acting a certain way around them.

So my exam is one week away today and I am excited, nervous, scared and all that shit but hopefully it all goes well eh??


Being self-confident comes as a struggle to most people and with the image the society has deemed sexy, fit, healthy ect. It has come more and more hard for people to be themselves without feeling judged and/or bullied for doing so.

So today I’m here to say…. FUCK THE HATERS be who you want to be and don’t let people tell you otherwise.

Being a gay teenager who’s into drag and wears a little bit of makeup it’s been hard to get accepted but..

What I learned is who really cares what people think as long as you have your friends that trust support and care for you there’s not really anyone else who you need to worry about.

See the people who are judging you today are people who in a few years your probably never gonna see again be and be confident because you were made the way you are for a reason.

Now before you say it’s just not that easy yes I know, you have to start with yourself.

Start by taking a break for yourself weather it’s staying of social media for a few days, going for a walk for an hour or two or even going to get a coffee at a café and just sit and think about what your self-confidence struggles are and think about what things you can do to help you be more confident you may find it some so simple as getting a new hair cut, new shoes or even cracking out a pair of shoes you’ve not worn in a while.

For me my self-confidence struggles were my weight, and the fact that I was gay and things that helped me sort of start to get more confident were,

One music, music is a powerful thing and if you listen to the right type of music it can help you get over a lot of things,

Another thing was youtube I started to watch people’s journeys and struggles with confidence and how they over came it and I started to do things that made me feel good about myself like going out with friends, dancing and school work… yes I said school work, I don’t know why but when I’m doing school work there’s just somthing that just comes over me and it makes me feel like I could do anything.

I guess what in trying to say is being confident can sometimes come as a struggle but as long as you have your friends you can talk to, do the things you enjoy and try to forget the haters you can to be more confident. ♡